Mektec received Hidria Innovation Award

80 suppliers from 8 countries participated in the second Leonardo day (the first took place in 2014). All of them have been connected with Hidria and their values for several years.  This time Hidria gave awards to the best and most loyal suppliers, in the form of Leonardo statues specially designed for this event. The awards were given for excellent partner relations and the embodiment of Hidria’s Leonardo culture, i.e. a culture of cooperation, openness, the wish for innovation, proactivity and development partnership. The statues were awarded to Mektec and 3 other suppliers.

The very positive atmosphere of the day was concluded with a relaxed show of the known imitators Tilen Artač, Jure Mastnak and Jure Godler; but despite its funny note, the show was quite educational. To achieve top results, one needs a clear vision, innovation, flexibility; very important are also the cooperation and sincere relations with partners.